Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Tips

Hello Ladies,

Spring/Summer 2013 nails usually only call for insane amounts of color on your tips, however, this year is different. This year the pales are here, the colors are bright and the sun is shining. While not every one wants to wear such bold colors, even a mauve can be Summer enough for many Beauties.

Pale Nails

Cream colors nails for Spring/Summer 2013 isn't a shock - it's a minimalist trend that's been gaining momentum since last year. Toning down your nails is the new way to play it cool.

The Dark Side

A dark romantic mood is also in play this year. From grayish to navy shades, from purple to black. How is it that I didn't see black nail polish being the shade for Spring/Summer 2013...hmmm?


Ugh! Metallics are at it again! Gold, Silver, Copper...wait...this was our post for the past Olympics, which you can see here. But, their finishes at the Spring Runway shows were huge standouts. If you want to experiment with this trend without going too far, if you haven't already, try painting just your tips with a bit of sparkle or decorating one or two nails with specks of gold.

Two Toned

Bold nail polish without being too over the top, the dual polish effect is making its way back. A new twist on the French manicure, the look is easy to do on your own. Just pick contrasting shades that flatter your skin tone and use a small brush to paint on a graphic style - try a half moon, a V-shape, a diagonal strip or a vertical split. Mix it up and show it off.

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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