Monday, June 24, 2013

Sports Do

Long hair and bangs can be really embarrassing when you are an athlete or a dedicated sportswoman.  Even medium length hair can hold you back when you are highly concentrating on the game.  Constantly trying to get your hair out of your eyes can be really frustrating and it definitely makes focusing almost impossible.

Women usually want to look their best in every situation, although when you are playing your heart out on the court or in the room, your hair is probably the last thing you are concerned about. Do not panic because there are many sporty hairstyles that can help you solve this problem.

High ponytails are one of the easiest and simplest sporty hairstyles for active women with long hair. Ponytails offer a great solution for keeping your hair out of your eyes and off our neck and the best thing is that you can choose from many different styles.  Elastic bands secure your hair very well and if you want a more stylish and comfy look, you can even braid your ponytail. Complete your sporty outfit with accessories, such as headbands or barrettes.

A chunky braid at the back of the head, similar to Elizabeth Taylor in her 1944 movie National Velvet, when she played a young equestrian.

Shiny and smoothed down in front, add extensions to create the shoulder-blade-grazing braid that easily could have poked out of a riding helmet.

Double Braids:
Double braids are really wonderful choices both for long and medium length hair.  Use a comb to separate your hair at the middle, creating a straight line down the back of your head. Fix one of the two parts with an elastic band and start braiding the other section of hair.

French Braids:
A French braid is another classic, but chic and practical hairstyle for longer hair. It is easy and quick to make, therefore this sporty and trendy hairdo is very popular with active ladies of all ages.

Micro-braids are great solutions when you want to keep all the bangs away from your eyes. Split your front hair into tiny segments, braiding them one by one and securing them with tiny rubber bands.

One of the best choices for a modern, chic and sporty woman is the pixie haircut, which is all the rage this year. Besides the fact that it is a perfect haircut for elegant occasions, pixie is highly practical and comfortable for athletic women as well.

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