Friday, June 21, 2013

Splash of Summer Lookbook

So, if you guys are anything like me, you don't stick to the traditional Spring/Summer trends.
I'm a girl that loves dark colors, even in Summer. Dark nail polishes and 1 black clothing item can usually always be found on me!

Today, I wanted to do a kind of lookbook that will show you how you can incorporate splashes of brighter colors into your Summer wardrobe.

Here is a close up of the fabric of my shirt:

I think that a floral pattern over a dark block-color, like back, can be an amazing way to incorporate color, while still wearing your favorite colors.

Floral Playsuit's can also come in handy for this. I got mine for 40 pounds ($60.50) at Oasis. You can find a similar colored playsuit here.

Last, but not least... my FAVE playsuit ever, I got this from ASDA, which was inexpensive...about 12 quid ($18.15) a few years ago, and I love the colors. It's so Summer-y and playful with its amazing hot pink color! If you're looking for a hot pink playsuit like this, click here.

Simply playsuits and short pants/colorful shirt combos are really the best Summer wear. If you have a few nice playsuits, you can dress them up by adding a blazer and nice pair of heels for night time, or you can dress them down and wear it with flip flops or sandals for nice everyday wear. They're lightweight enough that you can put them over your swim suit for jaunts to the beach.

Pants/Shirt combos are easy wear and if you get a few staple colors, you can mix and match them with everything! (:

How are you adding color to your wardrobe this Summer?

Jenny xox

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