Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Favorite Body Shimmers

Summer is quickly approaching, and as we get closer, we're doing everything we can to prepare for those hot days and beach vacations. Working out, buying sunscreen, deciding on a swimsuit style, etc. It's all going down this month. One of the biggest beauty staples for summer tends to be glowy skin. The easiest way to get the beach-goddess glow is to simply start exfoliating and moisturizing...But what if, after a while of scrubbing and softening, your body still lacks that oomph! that puts the glow right over the edge? That's where a little bit of strategically placed shimmer can work wonders. Below are my three favorites:

Sonia Kashuk Super Sheer Shimmering Highlighter ($10)

This pigmented gold highlighter is perfect for either enhancing a tan, or faking the look of one. Just blend a small amount onto your shins, thighs, and shoulders, and you'll be glowing in no time. It's perfect for your cheekbones and nose, as well.

Benefit High Beam ($26)

High Beam is definitely a splurge, but one bottle will last at least two years. This soft pink illuminator is also one of the most pigmented, concentrated formulas out there, so it takes some strategic blending, but the payoff is gorgeous.

Olay Quench Daily Lotion Plus Shimmer ($7)

For all your ladies who want something they can just slather everywhere for a subtle sheen, Olay knows what's going on. Quench Plus Shimmer is a super moisturizing lotion, which just happens to have a medium amount of smooth white shimmers (versus the high pigmentation of the other two). Smooth it over your entire body for a soft radiance, and you'll be softening dry patches as well.

Personally, I own all three of these and use them quite often. Out of the three, I can't say which one I love the most. It would be like asking a mother to name her favorite child.

Lainey L,


  1. I'm dying to use the High Beam but it's so expensive just for shimmer :x

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  2. Highlighters are my new favourite thing to buy i really want to try the sun beam but i ended up with benefits watts up which is so much easier to apply that a liquid and MAC have some great products too at the minute!

    Great post

    L x

  3. Nice selection :-) I never really use body shimmer myself.


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