Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Is the glass half full or half empty? The Answer: Always full, and here's why!

Being beautiful not only means looking your best, but embracing and feeling like a better version of you. Being a Beauty O'holic means helping other girls to be just as confident. As we splash into Summer, it is no stranger that insecurities are on the rise and out for the world to see. Body-bearing bathing suits, natural makeup, and hair that can go days without being washed - while some of us accept this lifestyle, some of us are simply dehydrated by it - a.k.a. hot and bothered.

The truth is...water is your best bet. Water-based products, drinking water, diving into the water - can make you feel your absolute greatest. We selected our top H2O enriched Summer must-have's to help you view your glass half full - literally and figuratively.
Need a quick refresher or a fash pick me up? Evian Facial Spray, $12, will boost your mood, freshen the look of your face, and hydrate your skin with two spritzes. This is good for a scorching day on the beach, or a sheltered day in school. Spray over or under makeup.
I know, I know, the incessant reminders to wear sunscreen are tiresome, but seriously - WEAR SUNSCREEN. Think about your future, kids! You'll still get tan, only your skin will be protected against the wrinkles, sun-spots, and aging nightmares. We love love (stinkin') love Kiehl's Water Based Lotion, SPF 25, $20. Water-based sunscreens are especially beneficial to those with oily or acne prone skin.
Thirdly, take a sip from Rosewater and Glycerin, $6. This everyday lotion is known in the beauty world to be mixed with Vor-mag water. You're thinking, HA what? It's just water that has been mixed and magnetized to increase the energy.

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