Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fashion or Foul Ball?

The wedge sneaker. Oh, do I remember the days when we were all about platform sneakers (Amen, Spice Girls), and to think they (the sneaks) made a comeback too is unheard of. Happy to announce that the return is well deserved and well re-created I might add. Everyone from Target to Vince Camuto have been tied to the trend. We chose Aldo's Chism, white and Velcro shoe that is now on sale for $55. The best part - they work during every season.

What else has made it's come back? Crop tops! I, for one used to be so embarrassed when my mom would wear them...let alone to an elementary school function. But, her constant reminder that "It's the style" reminds me to listen to my mother. These American Apparel baby rip crop tee's, $24 can be paired with high-waisted shorts, skirts, pants, or under a sweater for a more casual look. And if you're feeling especially daring - work with some low rise sweats and you'll be looking more sporty and stylish than the models themselves.

All the while, sporty has been reigning in the fashion industry when it comes to shoes and attire, something we are recently seeing has been that sporty play on jewelry. Think Rev Run! We picture bold golds and silvers! Prominent pieces will stand out when trying to adhere to both athletic and eccentric guidelines. Here are our favs!


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