Friday, June 28, 2013

Do's/Don'ts Swimsuit Trends for Summer 2013

Hello Ladies,

Before you take the plunge this Summer, go and buy a new swimsuit (heck, maybe a few) ~ your awesome tan will thank you later.

Trend #1: Color-Blocking

Color-blocked clothes have been runway mainstays the past few seasons, so it makes sense that the trend would work well in the water.

Do embrace structure. Color-blocking suits tend to be a little sportier and offer more support (which we like) than those triangle bikinis. Plus, darker bands of colors can be slimming, making them the more flattering of the bunch.

Don't be afraid to mix prints. Color-blocking doesn't have to be all about solid blocks of color. Grab a top from one bikini and the bottom of another and this mixed-print is just chic.

Trend #2: Crochet Accents

Do remember to water-test your swimsuit before jumping in the ocean. Some might be a bit more revealing when wet (and we don't want that).

Don't forget this: The flower-child feel is cool - but only in moderation.

Trend #3: Cutouts

Cutouts are another huge trend that has made it to poolsides for Summer 2013. A cutout one-piece is a great mix of sexy and edgy, especially if you're not ready to bare it all in a bikini.

Do wear your cutout swimsuit with flat sandals. Anything with height could push the look over the top. Please leave that for runaway.

Don't forget sunscreen. If you're going to be sporting this bathing suit, slather on the sunblock because a suit like this could create some wacky tan lines. Also, don't stick to solid black. Try something bold.

Trend #4: Fringe

Fringe isn't just for Western boots and suede jackets. It can give a bright-color swimsuit a flirty feel.

Do use fringe to create the illusion of curves. If you're boyish, opt for a suit with fringe around the hips or bust-line.

Don't wear fringe around your problem areas. If you're self-conscious about your hips or thighs, stick with fringe on the top.

Trend #5: Graphic One-Pieces

We love photo-printed one-pieces.

Do look for a suit with a photo-real print. A realistic print of an animal, landscape, or outer space is on-trend and really, really cool.

Don't worry about looking nuts. A bold suit must be worn with confidence!

Trend #6: High-Waisted Bikinis

High-waisted bikinis are having a major moment. The cut is both feminine and flattering, and it's a welcome alternative to side-tie bikini bottoms.

Do look for a style with a boy-cut around the legs. You want to avoid a high waist and high leg-cutouts, which can look 80's. This is the style to try if you're worried about your stomach. The high waist is slimming.

Don't forget big, round sunglasses and a wide-brim sun hat. Go full-on retro to the beach this summer.

Trend #7: Sporty

Sportswear-inspired suits look sleek and tomboy-chic, especially in a sea of feminine prints and cuts.

Do look for styles with accents, such as zippers, reinforced seams, and contrast stitching, which all add to the look.

Don't hold back from diving into the pool or taking a surfing lesson from a cute surfer dude. These bathing suits are made for swimming, not just lounging.

Trend #8: Retro

With boyish leg-holes and a bustier top, modest, the new retro-inspired one-pieces are making their way onto the beaches this summer.

Do pay attention to print. Look for a suit in a cute gingham print, ditsy floral, or other retro print.

Don't think that retro and one-piece equals frumpy! With a low-cut back or push-up bustier top, a one-piece can be just as alluring as a skimpy bikini.

Trend #9: Ruffles

Flirty ruffles were all over the runway and are a godsend for girly girls who want to add a little oomph up top.

Do wear a bandeau top with layered ruffles in a bright color. It isn't overwhelmingly girly, but you'll still look undeniably feminine.

Don't overdo the frills with a peasant-style cover-up. Stick with sleek, simple shorts, but DO layer on gold bangles. Bandeau bikinis look great with a stack of glam bracelets.

Trend #10: All White

Head-to-toe white isn't just a huge ready-to-wear trend - it looks great on the beach too.

Do look for a solid white bathing suit or a white bathing suit with gold accents. A mix of white and gold is a one-way ticket to goddess-ville. Do spray-tan. White really pops against tan skin - but not against damaged skin.

Don't forget to water-test. This is another bathing suit, like the crochet trend, you want to make sure your swimsuit doesn't become too see-through when wet.

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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