Sunday, June 16, 2013

Axe Body Spray Review

For Father's Day, I thought I'd write about my husband's new favorite line of products; AXE.

My husband doesn't fit their target marketing audience of young males 15-25, but...while he will deny it...he is big into aromatherapy. He's the guy in the store smelling all the laundry detergents, candles, air fresheners, shampoos, and body washes before selecting one.

I consider this a good thing, since I don't have to share a bathroom that always smells like Old Spice. (Don't get me wrong...Old Spice has its grandfather wore it).

And, in fairness, my husband does break out the Acqua di Gio when we go out. But he found that Axe products are not bad for casual use, despite their ridiculous, sexist commercials.

The first venture into the World of Axe was the Dark Temptation shampoo. Dark Temptation has founds its way into our home once again, as a twist Deodorant Body Spray. While Unilever markets it as having a 'chocolate' smell, to me it is 'woodsy, warm and spicy', something you would wear in the evening or in the Fall and Winter. He liked it enough to try other scents.

Next was a sample size of the Phoenix deodorant spray. Phoenix has a bright, fresh smell...something you'd wear on a Summer day.

Currently, he is using a gel stick deodorant called Excite, which he said has a light coconut smell. I just think it smells like soap. A clean smell, not sharp or offensive.

While Axe products are a little bit higher priced  than the other supermarket and drugstore brands (face it, Giorgio is not their competition), it's still inexpensive enough for them to have a variety: something that he likes and something that the woman in his life likes.

And contrary to what all the commercials would have you believe, NO ONE is throwing keys or phone numbers at him just because he's wearing AXE. Unilever needs to give women a little more credit, since we do influence most of the purchases made by men.


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