Friday, May 24, 2013

Ultimate Up-Do How-To

Now, is the perfect time as any to learn how to create a new occasion hair style. Finger waves, set hair, loads of shine and ornate hair jewels were signature objects of great hair in the Roaring 20's. They really had it all in terms of flawless style and vampish glamour, and with the recent release of Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby film remake. Now is the time to celebrate the era!

Ultimate Up-Do

  • Blow dry your clean hair with a round brush, for volume, and spray lightly with hairspray.
  • Part the hair in a deep side parting - straight works better than angled.
  • Take sections of your hair between 1-2 square inches in size and curl forward with a medium barrel tong. You'll need to take 9 seconds (3x3) from the thicker side of your hair and 3 from the thinner side.
  • Clip the curls in with section grips and spray with more hairspray. You'll need to use a extra strong hold hairspray for this look to work.

  • Scoop the length of the hair lightly into a low ponytail (we all know how to do this) and curl sections of it outward from the center.
  • When your ready, take out the clips and brush them out gently with a natural bristle brush, set them into finger waves with your hand following the curl that is already there. Do this all the way around your head, leaving the parting you have made firmly in place.
  • Grab your section grips once more than place them around the hair to hold the curl waves in place. Make sure curled waves fall neatly all around the head and over the ponytail.

  • Remove the section grips gently and carefully so as not to move the hair.
  • Back brush the ponytail curls lightly for volume then spin them in on themselves, fix the grips and spray. Don't worry if they are slightly uneven. It looks delicate.
  • Curl the end of the thick front section of hair in on itself tidily, to make this a statement section of the hair style. Fix on a darling piece of costume hair jewelery either here or at the top of the makeshift bun.

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