Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Summer Makeup Must-Have's

Summer is fast approaching, which usually means the sun is ready to beat down on you the minute you step out the door.

If you're wearing makeup this summer, I recommend:

  •  Spa Formulas: Sun protection is a must for summer. Prevent wrinkles, age spots, and most importantly keeping your skin healthy.
  •  Tinted Moisturizers: Avoid foundations at all cost in the summer. Not only does it feel heavy and not do well under heat, but I find that it clogs my pores more often than in the colder weather. Stick with tinted moisturizer, which usually has SPF and applies lightly.
  •  Waterproof Formulas: If you need to wear mascara, blush, etc., you should try for waterproof for obvious reasons. Sweat means running makeup! Ew!
  • Light Application: Keep your application as light as possible, don't go more than one layer. Especially on full face coverage, to let your skin breathe.
  • Setting Sprays: These seal in moisture and can even add extra SPF. Most are designed to keep your makeup in place.

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