Saturday, May 11, 2013

Summer Beauty

Hello Ladies,

A dashing of mascara and strategically placed eye shadow is the key to looking like a natural beauty. Winged eyeliner has the ability to make your whole look from modern to retro. And a good smoky eye adds a little sex appeal to the most demure of looks. Different eye shapes require different techniques, and finding what works for your face in a process of trial and error.
Curl: Invest in a good eyelash curler. Daily curling can actually train lashes to stay up - and when eyelashes are curled and up, you automatically look more awake and eyes look bigger. Even if you leave the house without an ounce of makeup to do this - it makes your face much brighter.

Lashes Take Time: Baby your lashes. When you apply mascara, do it purposefully from base of lash to tip. Apply the first coat and let dry to 20 seconds, then apply second coat.

A Little Shimmer Goes A Long Way: A little makeup trick that works wonders on everyone is applying a little shimmery powder to the inside corners of your eyes. This opens up your whole face and gives the illusion that eyes are further apart.

Experiment with Shadow: One thing to notice from all the photos, is that shadow isn't simply meant for the tops of lids. Experiment with different colors and apply shadow under your lower lashes as well.

Get Them Wet: By dampening your eye shadow brushes, then applying shadow, colors become much more intense. This is a great way to use eye shadows instead of eyeliners for fun POPS of color.

Go Smoky Your Way: Pay attention to the trends you can pull off, and don't assume everything will work on you.

Cat Eye Perfection: Invest in a good liquid eyeliner to pull this trick off. Avoid bright shadows and keep the rest of the eye neutral. This look is all about intense, black eyeliner. A fun way to make the black eyeliner POP even more is by applying a thin layer of white eyeliner directly above the black.

Know Your Colors: Different colors look different on different people. I have blue eyes, and just cannot wear brown eyeliner. I know this through trial and error. You need to try different colors and note what looks good with your eye color and skin tone.

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Happy Shopping!

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