Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Simple Skincare Products

Hello Ladies,

I have been testing the newest Simple Skincare products for about two weeks, daily, morning and night. I wanted to report back on the most recent items that have hit the shelves. Like all my other Simple favorites, the new products play, oh so well, with my sensitive dry skin. They introduced two new versions of the wipes.

Foaming Cleanser
I'm not a huge fan of foaming cleansers, but this one is amazing. There is something so satisfying about this lather. This version from Simple is loaded with Pro-Vitamin B5. So, not only is your makeup gonzo, but your skin feels sooo refreshed and not stripped of moisture. Who could ask for more?

Radiance Cleansing Wipes
Wipes are my weakness. Call my crazy, but I really do think my skin looks more radiant when I use these. After a workout or first thing in the morning, I've been opting for these as a gentle way to refresh and wake up my senses. The mango extract helps leave skin not only clean, but healthier.

Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes
If you are prone to shine, these guys will leave your skin clean, not irritated and balanced. But even on my dry skin, they don't strip my skin of moisture.

Eye Makeup Remover Pads
Again, another product on any line I have not been a huge fan of. But, these products are great when you want to review a bunch of eyeliners. Removing eyeliner can be irritating on delicate skin around the eyes, especially if the skin is already sensitive. Simple's Eye Make-Up Remover Pads are loaded with gentle cleansers to get after stubborn makeup with out stinging or drying. They get every little bit of hard to remove makeup with a couple swipes.

Protecting Light Moisturizer with SPF 15
If you review a lot of SPF products, occasionally you will come across a product that can sting and burn after application. Eek! While I have navigated what UV blockers are the main culprits, I haven't found a good drugstore SPF with zero sting...UNTIL NOW! Protecting Light Moisturizer with SPF 15 is oil-free, but still nourishing (packed with vitamins and moisturizers). The non-greasy finish works especially well under makeup.

While I had great doubt in this product, as I am a huge fan of Aveeno products. WOW, was a I wrong! Yes, I admitted that I was wrong and that is the #1 Rule of Women (well, not on the list I found at FloGo...anyway, back to the post.

I have been using this on a daily basis for the last two weeks, two times a day: morning and night. Rest assured this SPF works great under makeup and is hydrating enough to act as a daily moisturizer on my dry skin. Not to mention, easy on the pocketbook!

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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