Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pressed or Loose Powder

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It's Hope again! Another post that is a sub-section to how to achieve the natural beauty look!

Would you like a smooth, even complexion that looks soft and natural? I know I do! To give yourself flawless skin that glows with minimum work, a powder is a good solution. If you wear it alone to reduce shine or on top of your base make-up to cover up your small perfections, powder is a must-have beauty accessory.

Why do you wear it in the first place? It is really necessary? Shiny, oily skin, some type of powder is important to reduce shine which can detract from an otherwise pretty complexion. Dry skin with fine lines and wrinkles, a light coat of powder can help to soften the effects of aging and give you a smoother, more even complexion. Plus, powder is super easy to apply. It's a make-up product that can cover those less than attractive flaws you may not feel like showing off to the world. You have two main choices:

Which one is better - PRESSED POWDER or LOOSE POWDER?

Loose powder is a great option to keep in your make-up drawer at home. Use a large, fluffy brush to put on a light layer after you apply your base make-up in the morning. Use the brush to gently remove any excess powder that lingers on your face before heading out the door. Loose powder is ideal for oily skin since it contains oil absorbing ingredients that can offset stubborn shine. If you want more of a natural look (which is what we are aiming for), apply loose powder to the oilier t-zone only. Be sure to choose a loose powder that's oil free to avoid problems with breakouts. If you want the illusion of glowing, younger-looking skin, look for loose powder formulations with mica to reflect the light beautifully.

The biggest disadvantage to loose powder is the fact that it can be quite messy. For this reason, it pays to invest in a good pressed powder you can use for touch-ups throughout the day. A pressed powder compact is easy to carry around without fear of destroying your purse or spilling the powder all over your brand new outfit. For a softer, more natural look, apply pressed powder with a large, natural brush rather than the sponge that's provided in the compact.

There is place for both pressed and loose powder in your make-up collection. Working together, they give you a quick and convenient way to subtly enhance your complexion.

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