Monday, May 06, 2013

Powerful Nautral Lips

Hello Ladies,

You can enhance your beauty with a lovely smile, whatever face you plan on making. When your lips are pink, your smile also becomes charming. Lips give a very distinctive appeal to the overall features of your face, dull and dark lips can make a dark spot in your beauty.

There are many reasons behind dark lips, such as a hectic lifestyle, ignorance towards health, change in weather, some kinds of illness, chewing tobacco, chemotherapy, excessive use of fluoride, excessive smoking, regular use of low quality cosmetics, not removing lipsticks from your lips at night, less blood circulation in the lips, too much stress, exposing lips to direct sun rays, humid temperature and so on. But there is nothing to worry about as dull and dark lips can be turned to pink and soft lips.

Proper lip care is required to keep the color of your lips naturally pink. To keep your lips pink, soft and attractive there is no need to spend money on expensive products.

To get soft pink lips, you need to scrub your lips with a soft bristled toothbrush every night after you are done with brushing your teeth. This will help in removing the dry and chapped dry skin around your lips and make you look fresh in the morning.

Be sure to always remove your lip makeup that you applied throughout the day before going to sleep. To remove the makeup, you can use a soft cotton ball and put some almond oil or olive oil and gently rub the lips with it. Sleeping with lipsticks and lip gloss on your lips can be the reason behind your dark lips.

One major reason behind the dark color of your lips is too much consumption of tea, coffee and other beverages. So, you need to cut down on your drinking habit and switch to water.

Dehydration is not good for your lips either, so you must try to consume large amounts of water daily. You must drink at least ten glasses of water daily to flush out all the toxic from your body and keep it hydrated.

Follow these tips and your lips will start blooming like a pink rose.

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