Thursday, May 30, 2013

Light on the Cellulite, Please


Cellulite. UGH. Even the thinnest, muscular, most in shape gal suffers from the dreaded C word. Something that hits us in our high school years and sticks with us until grandparent-hood. I don't know your thoughts - but I'm way too young to be dealing with this, especially with summer on the horizon and my best years ahead of me. (Day BBQ's and parties on the beach - oh, how I've missed ya!) WHAT even are you, cellulite? And what are you doing on my thighs? Embarrassing? Very. So, we talked to a bunch of different girls who gave us their favorite ways to hide their embarrassing flaws.

1. Self Tanner - if you can't tone it, tan it is the saying that goes synonymously with tanning salons across the US. Of course, we DO NOT condone tanning salons, but a little self-tanner can go a long way. We like Sun for a lotion and Quick Tan ($12) for a spray.

2. Cellulite Control - For a few more bucks, you can get a few less dimples. Clarins Extra - Firming Body Lotion retails for $62. Even though shelling out the extra dollars for a lotion may not seem worth it, we can guarantee the results will be instant and improve over time.

3. The Always Approach - If you have cellulite, pick clothing that flatters your figure. If your cellulite is super noticeable, tight and thin clothing should be left on the hangers. On the beach, wear a stylish wrap or shorts. When going out, flowy skirts and longer shorts will do the trick. Visit All Sarongs for the sassiest patterns. Or buy a fabric you adore and make one yourself.

Rather than staring in the mirror with diminished confidence - control the problem. Let us know your cellulite fix and get the chance to be quotes in an upcoming post!

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  1. Cellulite is your body's way of protecting you. When toxins come into our bodies from water, air, food, chemicals, etc.. our bodies store it in fat until/unless it can figure out how to get rid of it. Most of the time our bodies are so busy with digestion that it makes it hard to find a way to get rid of it. So it tucks it away in fat cells until later. We continue to ingest and absorb toxins so "later" never comes. Our bodies take a step further and wall off the toxins so that they don't harm us. That is when you see cellulite. The best way to get rid of cellulite is not to mask it, but to actually detoxify your body. Notice I said body. Most people detoxify only their digestive system and call it a day. The whole body needs a detox though.


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