Friday, May 10, 2013

How to Dress for Your Body Shape

Trends will come and go but rather than being a slave to fashion the key to looking good is to dress for your body shape. Putting a positive spin on what you've got is an easy way to improve the way you look and feel.

Sometimes a trend will appear that finally flatters your body shape, accentuating all the right bits and hiding all the others. However, you can't wait until the fashion winds turn before you start dressing for your body shape.

Whether you're curvy or boyish, I'm here to help you find out how to dress whatever the season or shifting trend...

Learn to Love It

Before you can start tackling clothes rails, you need to address your mindset. Stop attacking yourself for your flat chest, curvy hips or bingo wings. Learn to love your body and dress it in the manner it deserves. Every body shape looks great in something, you just need to find out exactly what.

What's Your Shape?

You can probably assess your body shape without taking any measurements or even looking in the mirror. Even if you're not using your shape to your advantage, I'm sure you're aware of your figure. You'll most likely have heard of apples or pears, a variety of other non-fruit based shapes, and there are plenty of sites online to find out which one you are visually.

Highlight. Don't Hide.

Whatever your shape, it's important that you don't just hide you 'bad' bits but also highlight your best features. Make a list of the parts you like and the ones you want to hide and have this in mind when you shop to make you find clothes that suit you.

Giving some thought to how you dress will mean you are in charge of how people look at your body; draw the eye where you want it to go.

Round and Soft

If you are thick around the middle then emphasize your great legs. Wear tops that are loose over the stomach with fitted trousers. Wearing baggy clothes all over will make you look like a balloon! Create structure on your round shape with angles from fitted jackets and asymmetric hemlines.

Hourglasses are the envy of everyone else but there are still pitfalls for you. Make sure you're accentuating your curves without letting them pop out all over the place - sexiness is left to the imagination. Avoid anything that hides your shape, especially your waist, such as long cardigans.

Love the Waist

For any other shape the belt is your friend. Whether you have wider hips or shoulders or just go straight up and down, drawing attention to your waist will help to create balance and sexy curves. Move the eye towards your smaller areas with fitted jackets or trousers. If you have a boyish figure (slim, and straight up and down) then trousers with a slight flare and off-shoulder tops or dresses can add curves.

Have Fun!

Don't worry about following guidelines too closely. There are always exceptions to every rule - just look at skinny jeans which women of every size and shape love to wear! Often, confidence is enough to carry off most outfits - apart from leather suits that in which should be burned. BURNED!

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