Thursday, May 09, 2013

Grunge ~ You Can't Call It a Fad If It Never Goes Away

In the early nineties, with the advent of alternative bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, the look of the groupies and fans took a radical shift. Gone was the sky-high poofs of hair that were born of eighties glam rock, in its place, an almost unkept look. The kind you can usually only get from sleeping in late and never showering.

Here is a shining example of a grunge girl, Courtney Love. Not only a girl at the rock show, but a girl IN the rock show. The messy hair, girlish thrift store clothes that have a hint of naughtiness and pretty girl makeup sets off a clash of colors and styles.

If you had a crimping iron in the eighties like me, you were probably tired of it in ten minutes. I have an insane amount of hair...Hated it! This version gives fullness to fine hair, feel free to add your favorite accessory. And of course, don't forget the thick layer of black eye makeup.

An updatedl ook carries a planned messiness, the haunting eyes are still the staple of the makeup along with wild colors, cause black is so yesterday.

So keep rocking your ripped up leggings and concert t-shirt, but please shower.

Lindsey J

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