Thursday, May 23, 2013

Go Green, Get Lean!

I feel like lately, now that Instagram and Pinterest have taken over social media and we have full access to all our friends and followers personal lives, fitness and health have blown into the biggest accessory to such pages.

Whether you are #eatingclean #stayingpretty or #gettingfit, we want you to be able to put out the best YOU, you can, and put in your body the best products for your benefit. We all know keeping your calorie count between 1,000 and 2,000 daily is the best for staying healthy and leading a good lifestyle. But, the calories aren't just about the actual number, but what you are getting from what you are consuming.

What is Beauty O'holic's ingredient of the week?

Here's a's good to eat and good for your skin and hair.

GREEN TEA, of course!

Weight Benefits: In order to speed up your metabolism, start every day by drinking a mug of green tea. Skip the added sugar, but indulge in skim milk if you wish!

Health Benefits: By sipping on green tea, scientists suggest that it helps to prevent diabetes and heart disease, also reduces bad cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Mind Benefits: Green tea holds amino acids in the tea leaves that lessens a drinkers chance of developing depression, as well as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Beauty Benefits: Make sure to drink one, if not two or three cups daily. You will see your skin reap with benefits in terms of decreasing signs of aging and working against sun damage. The antioxidants also are proven to destroy bacteria that causes teeth decay and dental conditions.

Now you're wondering what the best green tea beauty products are for your hair, skin, and body?

We made life easy and found them for you!





Rusk Sensories Full Green and Alfalfa Bodifying Shampoo, $13

What ingredient have you found that benefits your health and beauty needs?

By Amanda

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