Monday, April 15, 2013

Prom Hair

Super Sleek - smooth and shiny hair gives you a glamorous perfectly polished vibe.

Veronica Lake

1. Get Smooth - apply a quarter size blob of straightening balm to just washed hair. Blow dry it straight using a round brush, separating hair into two inch sections and pulled each one taut with the brush. Aim for dryer downward over each section for extra shine.

2. Nix Frizz - Now separation straightened hair into one inch sections. Clamp each part with a flat iron gliding it in one fluid motion from roots to ends.

3. Add Shine - To make it extra glossy, mist hair with shine spray (avoiding the roots) after you flat iron. To get an even mist all over, spritz it up into the air, letting it fall onto your hair.


Tousled Waves - Good News: The more you dance, the flirtier this hairstyle looks.

1. Texturize - Apply a palmful of mousse to soaking wet hair, comb through and scrunch.

2. Add Body - To define your waves and get mega body, blow dry your hair with a diffuser. Place the ends of the small section of hair into the diffuser, then push the dryer up toward your roots and hold until it's dry.

3. Define Ends - Fluff up your waves and give them extra texture with a dab of hair putty. Rub it all over your fingertips, then rake through your ends to give them a piecey effect.

Don't let this happen to you...

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Have a good time at Prom!

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