Monday, April 15, 2013

Prom Hair: Love What's Above


You've waited for this day all year. You wait all month for him to ask you. Spent days contemplating and agonizing over picking the most fabulous dress, shoes, and bag. Filled weeks by getting your skin in perfect condition, topped with glowy golden spray tan (never would a Beauty O'holic step foot in a tanning bed) and braising the boards of Pinterest for makeup and nail decor. Little did you know - all your prom inspiration can be found on our site! You stumbled across the right post if you had all of the above perfected except for what you have above - your hair!

Your style can either make or break your completed look. No one wants to look like their little sister helped with their hair or the dreaded tragedy of picking a look that falls before Prom Queen is even announced (P.S.: we totally hope it's you!). So, we made a list of the top looks that will have you be the Belle of the ball, Harlem Shaking, Gangman Styling-it and all!

If your dress is simple, vintage-y, or lighter in color: Go for the old Hollywood glam. Good for long or short hair.

If your dress has sequence, embellishments, or prints: Let your dress be the center of attention, sweep hair back similar to these celebs on the red carpet.

If you're making a statement in a ball gown, mermaid, or trumpet dress: We love complimenting with simplistic, flowy, airy hair!

What's your favorite look?

Whatever you choose - definitely make a change to your normal do! For the night you ARE a celebrity, so escape from your comfort zone and you'll be turning heads all night.

Just a teeny note from an ex-prom obsessed beauty editor: Simply pretty, these pictures will last longer than your hair - and the crush you have on your date! XO

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