Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pretty In Pink

Pretty in Pink
Have you ever picked up a blouse, nail polish or lip stick, look at it, maybe even try it on, then put it back thinking "I can't wear pink"? Ya know what? YES, you can!

The years was 1986, the movie was Pretty in Pink, and Molly Ringwald showed the world that even redheads could wear pink and look good doing it.

There may be 'fifty shades of grey' but there many more variations of pink...it's just a matter of knowing how to pick the right one for you.

About the same time Pretty in Pink was popular, a company called Color Me Beautiful was the rage. Women everywhere were asking each other if they'd had their 'colors done' and what their 'season' was. You would schedule an appointment with a consultant who would determine your 'season' based on your hair, eye and skin color and then you would be shown what colors looked best on you. There is a VERY simplified version on the Color Me Beautiful website that sells makeup and skin care products. Just click on the tab "shop by season", the drop down offers a link to "find my season". You'll see that, regardless of your 'season' you CAN wear pink (or any other color you want), as long as it's the right shade and intensity.

My first apartment was full of watercolor pastels, ruffles and soft, flowy curtains...shabby chic before anyone came up with the term.

While I loved those colors, WEARING them was a mistake. This was illustrated to me one evening when I got a call inviting me to go out to an impromptu dinner with a group from work. (Don't you love having to come up with an outfit at the last minute?) I dug through my closet and found a fuschia top hanging in the back. It was a gift...neither a style nor a color I'd have picked for myself...but it was new (which meant clean and didn't need ironing).

The evening was an eye-opener. All evening I heard comments about what a great color it was and what it did for my skin. Maybe I had to rethink this. While I didn't like the shirt any better (and never did wear it again), it taught me a lot about color...no more washed out colors for me...gotta go bold. Not pale pink but fuschia, not baby blue but sapphire!

Try it for yourself. Go to your local department store makeup counter, or a makeup specialty store, such as MAC, Sephora or ULTA. Ask for a make-over or ask to try on a couple of different lipsticks (at the Clinique counter, they work at keeping things sanitary; the testers are behind the counter so only the staff have access and they use new, one-time-use brushes). If you are still not comfortable, try them on your hand. You might be wearing peachy pinks or tomato reds and find out that a raspberry gives you that 'WOW!' factor. Be sure to give the consultant's suggestion a try. You'd be surprised how many times they can choose a more appropriate color for you, than you can yourself. The Clinique consultant had me try on a Rose Toffee when I wanted the Raspberry. I bought both, but the Rose Toffee she picked out really did look better.

Nail polish is even more fun because you can have an entire wardrobe of colors...even if your job requires a 'professional' manicure and you're just nervous about wearing a bright color in public, GO BOLD on the pedicure!

Whether it's hot pink or sheer, peachy or shimmery, have fun experimenting, because we can ALL look  Pretty in Pink.

Remember...Beauty is Ageless.

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