Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Licorace Perfection

As mentioned before, this is Candy Land Week and what better than topping it with candy coated mascara for your lashes.

While licorice comes in many flavors, mascara comes in many different formulas. These formulas lengthen, thicken, and even vibrate.

Finding Your Flavor:
If you have short lashes, try lengthening mascara.

This formula contains nylon fibers that act as extensions.

If you have stick-straight lashes, use a curling mascara.

This formula has resin and waxes to lift the lashes up.

Black is the way to go unless your lashes are blonde - in which case, try black-brown.

If the brush is big and bushy, your lashes will end up the same.
If the brush has spiky plastic combs, you will get separation.


Waterproof Mascara: Do not judge a mascara by its packaging. They are different to remove and leave a ring around your eyes. Try water resistant formulas instead.

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