Saturday, April 06, 2013

Disney Villain Trivia

Hello My Beauties,

Today is Trivia day! After going through our five (5) villains this week, how well do you think you know them??? We'll find out!

  • Cruella is often seen in Forbes Annual Fictional 15 list of wealthiest fictional characters.
  • It was revealed in "A Christmas Cruella" that she did want a puppy before becoming her villanous self.
  • Cruella is commonly seen smoking in the animated movies, 
  • however, in the House of Mouse or the animated series, she doesn't.

  • The Queen of Hearts used a flamingo as a croquet mallet.

  • Her palace was designed to resemble Cinderella's Castle.

  • The Queen is the first green-eyed villain of an official Disney princess, followed closely by Lady Tremaine from Cinderella.

  • The Queen is the first Disney villain to change her appearance in order to deceive the protagonist, and gain the upper hand.

  • According to the book Disney Villains: The Secret Files, Maleficent's last name is actually Faery.

  • Ursula is a cecaelia (half person, usually woman, half octopus).
  • Ursula is latin for "Little Female Bear"
  • The original draft of The Little Mermaid was actually going to make Ursula King Triton's sister, which would make her Ariel's aunt.
  • Ursula's physical appearance was actually based on that of the drag queen Divine.
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