Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Candy Store

All this talk about delectable sweets is making my mouth water.

Think outside the proverbial makeup box.
Why not get some inspiration this Spring from a colorful candy store?
Think sugary cotton candy lips,

vanilla frosted lids,

licorice lashes and Jelly Belly blues.

Your Lids: Go for a yummy mint chocolate look. Choose a soft, minty green and sweep it over the entire eyelid. Finish with licorice - black eyeliner in a liquid formula and highlight your brow bone with a shimmery vanilla eye shadow.

Yours Lips: Mimic the colors of a candy cane by topping a soft red lipstick with a shimmery, sugary-white gloss.

Paint your lashes with a colored mascara or line your eyes with the same shades you see under the ice cream case at Cold Stone Creamery.

Fashionably Yours,


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