Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Barry M Pastel Shades

When I was offered to write a post about pastel and/or pearl nail polishes, Barry M was the first and immediate thing on my mind.

Barry M, is in fact, the most popular and affordable with amazing range of nail varnishes. I decided to include all the pastels I own by Barry M in this post, simply because I like them a lot and couldn't choose between them. They are perfect for the Spring/Summer Season and I'm sure I will be using them often.

Lasting power is great, once a top coat is applied. The longest I have kept my nails painted was with Barry M's varnish - lasting 4 days (I tend to change my hair colour a lot during Spring and Summer), but I'm pretty sure the nail polish would last longer than that.

The price for one is £2.99 ($4.54), which is amazing for a good nail varnish.
Anyway, hope you like them.


For more information on these shades, plus many here.

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