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Seaweed Benefits

Some people are disgusted by the clumps of seaweed that wash ashore. To others, it is a culinary delicacy that is a component to Asian dishes. Seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals; it can be eaten or applied directly to the skin as a strengthening agent and exfoliant. 

Acne: Seaweed's natural, anti-inflammatory compounds can have a positive effect on acne explosions. It can also be used as a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells.

Detoxifier and Thyroid Booster: Spas have long used seaweed baths for cleansing and exfoliating qualities. Seaweed, when applied to the body, draws excess fluids and waste products from the skin. It also acts as a cleanser for dead skin cells and other impurities on the surface.

Scalp Strengthener: The black-brown seaweed used in sushi and other Japanese dishes, known as Arame, also nourishes the scalp and hair follicles. The mineral-rich vegetable nourishes the hair shafts and ducts of the scalp, strengthening the hair and making it look healthier.



Shell Bra

These are ready to ship seashells for a Mermaid costume. They are hand carved, molded, and hand cast in a plastic resin. They come in a purple shimmer and they will fit an A-B cup fully concealed and a C-D cup with cleavage. They do not come on or with a bra, however, they do come with Velcro and a heavy duty snaps inside of the shells, and the opposite half of the Velcro and snaps are also sent after you have ordered the pair for you to put on your own custom bra.

Theme park replicas that are for sale on many other websites only fit cup size A and can cost up to $1,000 each!



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  1. Little Mermaid is one of the best Disney films. Thank you for the seaweed facts!


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