Saturday, March 02, 2013

Vicky's Makeup Bag

By: Vicky

I've been using black eyeliner a long time - I even went through the 'raccoon eyes' when I was younger - so I have tried a lot of different eyeliners.

The one I like best, and have used the most lately, is CoverGirl's Perfect Point Plus eyeliner. It has a twist-up point that is moldable so you can make the point as thick or thin as you want without having to have different pencils. Because it is moldable, it goes on smoothly, with no drag across the eyelid. The other end has a white, angled, sponge tip to smudge the line if you are going for the smoky eye look.

For brows, I use Avon's Light Golden Brown Brow Pencil. Even though my hair is dark now, I was born a blonde and I'm very fair complected. People often think their eyebrows and hair must be the same color, but it's not necessarily so. I experimented with several different shades of brown before I found this one, which gives enough definition to 'frame' my eyes but not look like they were colored in with a Sharpie.

Many people like the 'natural, dewy' look but I like a matte finish foundation. It is probably from years of doing theatre - during every makeup check, someone would be told "too shiny, need more powder." I'm not carrying around a jar of loose powder and a fluffy brush, but I have found the next best thing...Maybelline's FIT ME pressed powder in Creamy Natural. It is a compact that I can carry and touch up whenever I need to.

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