Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Urban Decay Pigments

Hello My Beauties,

Right before Christmas, I purchased these four awesome Urban Decay Loose Pigments for an incredible price. Cha-Ching!

(These will be available for purchase on our Blog Sale)

Urban Decay's Loose Pigments are very fine, loose eye shadow or loose color. Urban Decay tend to be finely milled, so they are soft, easy to blend, and apply smoothly. They all look and work better when used wet or with a slightly adhesive base. Per Urban Decay, "Try a little for a sheer wash of color, or layer for bold, shimmering hues." The shades I will be reviewing are:

Asphyxia - Fushsia Pink with Blue Sheen

Shattered - Aqua Blue Silver Sheen

Smog - Bronze Brown with Copper Sheen

Graffiti - Grassy Green with Gold Sheen

If you can nab these on sale, like I did, it totally worth it. I promise you will not be sorry!

The packaging of Urban Decay's Loose Pigments is quite interesting. The pigments are in a tall, skinny cylinder that can stand-up right (picture shown above). There is a clear window in the packaging where you can see the actual pigment coloring, and there is also a shade-matched sticker on the bottom with the shade's name. The top twists open to revealing a brush applicator. Please be careful when opening, especially if it has been rolling around and not standing up straight, as you can slightly spill a little if you are not paying attention.

I would suggest applying a primer to your eyelids before applying these directly to your eye lid. Giving the loose pigment something to stick to and stay throughout the day. However, you can still apply it without primer, it will just slightly color your eyelids. When applying dry, "smog" and "shattered" were the most pigmented. In fact, "smog" was the best of all, both wet and dry.

"Asphyxia" and "Graffiti" were very sheer when applied dry, however, while applying multiple layers it builds in intensity. When applied wet, all four shades really WOW'ed me. The pigments appeared richer, full of life colors and the sheen really showed true.

"Shattered" is probably my most favorite when applied wet, simply because it is such a gorgeous teal. Followed close by "Asphyxia", who can not love pink?

I enjoyed reviewing these four pigments for you, but they are really best when applied wet or on a primer. Urban Decay's Loose Pigments originally retail for $20 each. 

Fashionably Yours,


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