Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to Survive a Trip to Oz

Big thanks to Beauty O'holic for letting me in on the fun with Dorothy and the gang.

Okay savvy travelers, here are some tips to make your magical trip to and from Oz a breeze.

Since we don't all have magic slippers like Dorothy, you must use the public transportation, although I wouldn't recommend a hot air balloon. So read this before you "follow the Yellow Brick Road"...

By Air:

The rules are fairly strict about what you can bring on the place, so the best idea is to keep the big stuff in your checked luggage if its a long trip. For the shorter jaunt, the magic number is 3, as in 3 oz or less. Luckily retailers have jumped onto this bandwagon and there is a variety of packaging you can get easily at any drugstore.

Skip the trial size aisle and try this:

By Car:

Driving an extensive amount of miles can really take a toll on your skin, stay moisturized and skip the makeup...who is going to see you, some guy at the rest stop? If you need to put on your face, wail till you get close and do it last minute. In the meantime keep sunblock handy so you don't burn from sunlight coming through the windows.

By Rail:

Rail travel can be super drying, the A/C is constantly on and you could be dryer than the Scarecrow before you get to Kansas. Keep your skin hydrated with a mineral water spritzer. Hydrate as necessary, wouldn't want to make a bad impression on the wizard, now would we?

No matter how you plan to get there, travel light, only take what you really need. And if you do decide to take a hot air balloon, be sure to pay a parachute with your travel gear.

Mwuaaah my loves,

Lindsey Jones for The Stylista

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