Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cosmetology Week

Ever consider going into the cosmetology field? It is not made for me, I do not have the patience for it. However, I have come across a few makeup artists, hair stylists and nail technicians that have their own beauty blogs. If you love what you do, more power to you!

I also have some personal friends that have gone to cosmetology school and they have both negative and positive reviews. But, what cosmetology school doesn't? I am not focusing on that today. Instead, I am going to be preparing you for cosmetology school if you choose to pursue that career.

Obviously, if you are preparing yourself for that transformation, there are always rules you have to follow. You will be gaining countless skills that will lead you to an eventful successful career.

Remember, you will have only one chance to make a first impression, which is why you should follow these simple tips:

Arrive On Time:

For any job or career, this is a must. Punctuality reveals professionalism. This will show your future boss, instructors and name brand companies that you are serious about your schooling and your future career possibilities.

Always Come Prepared:

You should always show up prepared and ready to start. Bring whatever is expected of you, such as your hair styling tools or makeup kit, as well as notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. if they are required by the program.

Dress To Impress:

You will be expected to dress well, as your appearance reflects your commitment to your job and your skills as a professional. As a cosmetologists job is to help others put their best looks forward, you should come dressed to impress on your first day. This will show that you are a serious student/individual who will become a highly professional and successful cosmetologist.

Now, go out there and make a difference!

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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