Monday, February 04, 2013

Spring Hair 2013 Lookbook

Spring 2012 hair had a lot of twists, but this year you can except to see lots of knots.


Top Knots. Low Knots. Side Knots. Braid Knots.

It is getting knotting this year.

Simple. Very chic and put-together style.

To master this look, blow dry hair straight, create a clean center, and secure your hair into a firm ponytail at the nape, spritzing with shine mist. You can wrap the tail into any number of looks - a loop with the ends pointing up or tucked under, a round ballet bun, or the classic double knot - sealed with a shot of anti-frizz spray.


Hovering just at or below the nape of ironed straight.


As last year, the wet look was in...thankfully,
some of the water has been rung out.

So, this year we are going with the slicked back look.


The never ending trend that never goes out of fashion.


Bright. Streaks. Ends & Tips. All over.

Pastels are in this year.


Bedhead hair is here to stay,

as slightly messy hair and waves is in for Spring.

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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