Friday, February 15, 2013

Shopping Spree Pt. 2

Shopping Spree Pt. 2

Tough Love

Loving the pattern play with this outfit,
but what's missing is a hot-pink lip to add that perfect twist to this tomboyish outfit.
A pixie hair cut, like Miley Cyrus' looks amazing!

You can also fake a pixie hair cut by pulling your hair  to the front of your head into a braid. Then roll the braid back onto itself and pin it into place.


Boho Street Fashion

Dollhouse shoes

You might recall this face, this is Cody Horn, she was the leading lady in Magic Mike! Well, back to fashion, she has this great Boho look about her. I wanted to mix her look with the street look.

This look anyone can pull off. Skinny jeans, red top and a jacket. Now, put on your boots and grab your accessories. But before you run out the door, put a drop of eyelash glue on your finger, dip it in a pot of glitter, and then dot your eyelid.

See you next time,


Happy Shopping

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