Friday, February 15, 2013

Shopping Spree Pt. 1

Shopping Spree Pt. 1

Punky Rocker
Punky Rocker

Chaser LA heart shirt
NARS Cosmetics lip liner

Find an awesome band shirt, ripped jeans and boots. Grab the gel, run your hands through your hair for that messy hair look, grab your red lip stick as your heading out the door, and you have got yourself the Punk Rock look with grunge hair.

Ladies, we aren't shooting for the biker bar look here. The romantic rocker look is created using earth-toned eye shadows with a little black eyeliner for a school/work appropriate smoky eye.


Red on Pink

Michael Antonio red heels
VIcenza pink jewelry, $25
White House Black Market black leather belt

This probably looks more like a Spring/Summer outfit, but I am sure anyone can pull this outfit off during Autumn time as well.

For the ultimate easy hairstyle, putting your hair into braids prior to going to bed. In the morning you'll have a soft wavy texture.

See you next time,
Make sure you check out Part 2.


Happy Shopping!


  1. Great ideas, and the braiding your hair before bed really works! I've revamped hair doing that even for a few hours with some good hair wax. :)

    1. Thanks Tiffy! Every now and then I'll braid my hair after the shower. It looks amazing when I take it out.

  2. cool! like it!
    love your blog dear! could you please check out mine?
    it would be an honour!
    It's fashion damnit
    thank you so much!
    Lottie xxxx


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