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Does every store give out samples?

Why should you get a sample?

I can not encourage enough on how important it is to get a sample to test out at home, before committing to buying a full size product (of anything). A sample guarantees the product. That it is worth the squeeze! Some brands charge an arm and a leg for a full size, even a half size. A majority, if not all, department stores have sun bright lighting so when you are swatching a product, it may look better only because of the lighting (like I said in part 1). Remember, anything under direct light looks amazing! It automatically lifts your face, makes your glow in all the right places and leaves you looking flawless. Hence, why the makeup and fashion industries use expensive lighting and Photoshop before you see a company ad in a magazine. Realistically, we do not live in a world where amazing lighting follows us on a day-to-day basis. Uh, I would hate that! After a makeup trial or swatch, head outside under natural light to see how it looks. 9 times out of 10, it does not look the same.

Who gives out samples?

All high-end makeup stores give out samples. If a sale assistant tells you they do not give out samples, they are lying (like I said in part 1). Respond by telling her you have picked up a sample before and see, that shut her up or she will tell you they do not do that anymore and look, another lie. Sale assistants are reluctant to give out samples, because majority of them have targets to reach at work. Quotas! By giving a sample, this is a sign that you are not going to buy the product so they refuse you, just do you feel the urgency to buy the full size product. Make sense?

What samples can you get and ask for?

There are variety of samples out there. Some products you can not ask a sample for, such as lipsticks, lip gloss, certain concealers like the MAC Studio Finish, blusher (unless it is a shimmery powder) etc. There are some products you can get a sample of, which you probably did not know, such as powders, face scrubs (Origins and The Body Shop), face primers, and skincare (Kiehls). You can get perfume samples from Chanel. You can also get samples of some concealers, such as the MAC Pro Longwear and Studio Finish concealer. This is because it is like a foundation consistency, so there is no reason why they can not make a sample for you. If you are refused a sample, how to overcome this?

"We have no samples" or "we do not do that anymore" - Respond with "Fine! I will go to another counter".

1. Walk away and go to another counter. I suggest always walking away and going to another counter or store. No point getting yourself angry over not receiving a sample and/or arguing with the stupid sales ladies.

"We do not give out samples" - Respond with "well, you did last week".

2. Explain to them that you  received a sample before. How can they refuse you when you have explained that you have picked up a sample before?

"We do not give out samples" - Respond with "I do not buy without a sample".

3. Explain to the worker that you are not willing to commit to buying the full size product without the sample, because once you did, and it turned out to be the wrong shade and you could not obtain a refund (you can always get a refund). Tell the sales person you are not willing to commit to the product you are unsure of because of the store lighting, and the product is a lot of money that you do not wish to go down the drain. I always play the student card and this tends to bag me a few samples.

"We have no samples" - Respond with "I have my own sample pots".

4. If you are the type of person who avoids conflict, simply walk into the store with your own sample pots. Simply find some acrylic sample pots that are bigger than the store sample pots, but still a decent size. If you want in with your own sample pot, there is not way they can refuse you.

If you are buying something from a store, I always ask for some samples to go with my purchase. You have paid for some full sized product(s), so it is only fair you get some extra samples to play with.

If you would like to read about the Wrong Ways To Get Samples, click here. Just make sure when you comment, tell them who sent you.

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  1. I knew I wasn't the only person who loved samples! As a beauty blogger, they're a great way to review pricier products. I have an enormous box of samples that I need to get around to testing, but I don't want to open them, because they all look so pretty, LOL.


    1. I have a box of samples, as well as other tiny products I have purchased that are sitting on my desk that I don't want to go through because, like you said, "They all look so pretty". How do you get your samples?


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