Thursday, February 28, 2013


By: Amanda

Ever since I spent summers down the shore with my Nonna (starting at the age of 7!) I learned the importance and joy of makeup. She was 59, the peachiest lips my baby blues had ever seen, and red hair that I never dared to ask if it was natural. Before the beach, she applied her tinted sunscreen, and after a layer of bronzer to compliment her Italian skin. To men, this was normal and normal it would remain establishing itself in my adulthood.

Although my bag may seem small, and my pile insufficient, it holds many of my grandmother's beauty secrets and inspirations.

Her first beauty altering tip, I learned at age 12: THE LIGHT LIP
My favorite fix is Vapour's Lip Spread in Hush. This pale hue plumps my thin lips creating a light pink flush while enhancing the whiteness of my post braced teeth. The gloss is smooth, eliminating any hint of stickiness.

The second beauty fix, I learned at age 14: ILLUMINATOR
Whether you pick an illuminating lotion, cream, or serum, adding an illuminator to your skin will enhance your natural glow. My favorite is Chanel's Illuminating Powder Poudre Signee Chanel de Chanel. Pair with your favorite brush applicator and stay gorgeous.

Her third life-changing tip, she taught at age 17: INNER LINER
Not many women I come in contact with have taken to this, but it truly, lightens and brightens the eyes. By taking Merle Norman's Nude Inner Eyeliner to the lower inside crease of the eye, one's eyes will appear larger, the color will magnify, and all eyes will be on hers.

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