Sunday, February 24, 2013

Makeup Bag Week

Take our your makeup bags ladies,
this week is all about them!

What's inside your makeup bag?

A common question I have read on many beauty blogs.

Well, here it is again:

What's in YOUR makeup bag?

I enjoy reading posts from other beauty lovers to see what are the most popular products out there. It's also a great way for discovering other products!

This week will probably be our busiest to date. Be sure to check out our Makeup Bag Giveaway, which is now open. Enter now!

This week you will be reading about what is in MY OWN makeup bag, a few celebs beauty essentials, as well as welcoming TWO new Beauty VIP's!

We are officially welcoming Darci (who will be writing about "Mature Beauty") and Amanda this week as a Beauty O'holic VIP!

To find out more about becoming a Beauty O'holic VIP, please contact us.


1 comment:

  1. Mine is more of a makeup bucket, I keep everything organized in a carry-all plastic bin, so its lite, open for easy finding and easy to clean.


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