Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Looking into the Past

I am not a fan of looking into the past, but I am not referring your personal past. Let's take a trip back to some of the hottest makeup fashions...from the past.

Doll Eyes:

To recreate doll-like eyes, many women would load up the mascara on their top and bottom lashes, leading to the infamous spider fringe. Want a perfect example, cue Liza Minnelli.

For a newer spin on this trend, take a cue from our modern-day doe-eyed idol, Zooey Deschanel.

Stick a pair of falsies on your upper lash line, crimp with a curler, then coat on very-black volumizing, thickening mascara. Your incredibly full lashes are all your need to make an impact, so make sure everything else is left sweet and simple.

Blue Eye Shadow:

Twiggy rocked a robin's egg blue in the '60s, and then we saw an explosion of ceruleans right on through to the early '90s. Despite its apparent lasting popularity, there is a reason blue eye shadow has such a bad reputation. It is a monochromatic, icy blue hue powdered on your entire lid that make your eyes look flat and dull, not to mention the fact that it is not really that flattering of a shade.

It is just a matter of mixing up a range of options and adding dimension. Introduce some dark in the crease for depth, and if you are feeling particularly adventurous, try a metallic cobalt blue for an intense holographic effect.

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