Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Glamour Kissed

If you would like to pull off the Bettie Page or Dita Von Teese look, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Make sure that your eyebrows are perfectly plucked and groomed, as sharp high-lifting brows are characteristic of these classic ladies. The inner corners should be the thickest point, thinning out towards the tips. You can color in your eyebrows with eyebrow pencil to add drama to your look (optional).
  2. Start with a foundation matching your skin tone. Pin-ups generally have that perfect milky skin tone, so make sure that you blend well and cover any flaws.
  3. Use a large blush brush to apply highlighting powder everywhere that light naturally falls, such as the forehead, nose, just above the cheekbones and even your chest.
  4. Apply a very light shimmery eye shadow to your entire eyelid from lashes to your brow ridge, working it into the skin as much as possible to create that highlight and depth. Using dark purple or blue eye shadow, create an oval shape from your lash line to the eye crease. The dark shadow should be applied heavily with a solid curved line at the eye crease.
  5. Begin the eyeliner above and beyond the outer corner of the eye for that Egyptian cat eye look, using a black liquid eyeliner. The line should be thick, beginning directly on the lashes themselves and working up. Apply the liner to the lower lid as well, making the line thicker on the outer corner and gradually thinning to the inner corner. Finish your eyes with a pair of long, full false lashes.
  6. Pucker up to find the apples of your cheeks, apply a nice rosy color just to the apples and then blending slightly up the cheekbones. If necessary, reapply highlighting powder above the cheekbones to help create depth.
  7. Now, finish your look with fire engine red lipstick, just like the gorgeous pin-ups of the 1950s. If desired, you can use your eyebrow pencil to create a fake mole, just above and beside the lip.

Fashionably Yours,


  1. Great tutorial, I read it all and I'm always looking for tricks to perfect the cat eye. Thank you!


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