Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Darci's Makeup Bag

Hi...I'm Darci

I started wearing makeup at 13...(12 if you count the Peppermint Pink lipstick I was allowed to wear in 7th grade). It was suggested that my first blog could be a review on some of the items in my makeup bag, so here it goes!

In no particular order, I found:

  • Pink Toffee Lipstick from Clinique
  • Black Honey Almost Lipstick from Clinique
  • Starry Night Blue Liner Glimmerstick from Avon
  • Brow Lifter and Filler in Dark Brown from E.L.F.
  • Great Last Mascara from Maybelline
  • Tinted Moisturizer
  • Blush
  • Triple Eye Shadow from Sephora
  • Neutrogena Lip...

Rather than just randomly picking items, I am going to tell you about the items I consider by BARE MINIMUM to get out the door.

If nothing else, I use a brow filler. I have used pencils, gels, and powders, but none of them filled in those bare spots caused by too much plucking and covered the gray hairs that could not be pulled (or there would be more bare spots).  What works best for me is the E.L.F. Brown Lifter and Filler. It is a double-ended 'crayon' with a softer texture. One side is flesh-toned (actually a little too light for me) that is used to 'tack down' unruly hairs that should not be plucked. The other end is dark brown and not only does it fill in the gaps, but it actually clings to the gray hair. In seconds, I have full, dark brows once again.

Next, eye liner. Which I have been wearing since 8th grade...I practiced all summer to get that line as thing as I possibly could. I have never been able to pull off the 'smoky eye' look - it just ends up looking like I forgot to take off my makeup before bed. I have used dry cake liner with  a wet brush, gel liner with a brush, liquid liner and pencils, but I always go back to Glimmersticks by Avon. It is also a type of 'crayon'. You twist it up to bring up the liner and you mold it with your fingers to get the point you want. The color I have used the most is Starry Night Blue. It is a dark, flat navy that is not as harsh as black. "Starry Night" in no way means there is any glitter or shine to it. Because it is moldable, it is soft and goes on smoothly, with no dragging across the eyelid. It can be smudged for a smoky-eye look, but in a few minutes it dries and stays put.

I finish off my eyes with a sweep of mascara. I have tried different brands...some that will make your lashes thicker, fuller, longer...but I always go back to Great Lash by Maybelline. I have not found any, at any price, that works as well for me.

So, with a touch-up of the brows, a line on the eyes and a quick brush of mascara, my eyes are done in less than 2 minutes.

One last thing before I go...the lips.

For years, I have used Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. It is sheer and light - more than a gloss, but not as heavy as a lipstick. Because it is a transparent pigment, everyone wears it ends up with a color that is uniquely their own. Meredith has also already written a mini review about Black Honey on her "Review City Pt. 2" post.

I can go to work everyday with my eyes done and no one notices. I put on lipstick and everyone says "OH! YOU PUT ON MAKEUP TODAY!"

Wear makes the face come alive.

So...what cosmetic do you never leave home without?

Remember...Beauty is Ageless

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