Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Devil's Do's

Hello Ladies,

You're a Vision!
-- The Devil Wears Prada

Sporting Red Lips For a Night Out
Check out a classic red, blue based, for a flattering pop of color on just about every skin tone. Such as NARS Red Lizard.

Wear Colorful Eye Shadow with a Black Outfit
Take a look at Emily for example, she has a lot of eye shadow on to give her black outfit that pop of color. I would not be caught dead with that much eye shadow on. I think they over did it, but it makes a very good point.

Brown Smoky Eyes with a Berry Stained Lip
Andy wears this look throughout most of the movie, excluding big event scenes. However, the lip stains are truly beautiful and last me at least 8 hours.

Keep Your Makeup Age Appropriate
Even though Miranda is "tough", keeping your makeup age appropriate is key.

Add a Twist - Winged Eye Liner
Notice in the movie that Emily is constantly changing her style, as well as her makeup choices.

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Happy Shopping!

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