Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Check out these 5 easy tricks to get radiant looking skin:
  1. Exfoliate Daily: Use a oscillating brush. Light reflects better off a smooth surface. Don't use a scrub every day; it will strip away the skin's natural oils.
  2. Apply an At-Home Peel: Preferably one with Alpha Hydroxy Acids once a week. If your skin is sensitive, use a scrub with gentle beads.
  3. Pick A Moisturizer with niacinamide or ceramides. Both strengthen the lipid barrier - that's key to glowing skin.
  4. Brighten Dark Spots are uneven tone with serumns or creams that contain lighteners such as hydroquinone, kojic acid, soy, or vitamin C. For persistent sports, dermatologists recommend prescription hydroquinone creams, chemical peels, or lasers.
  5. Cheat A Glow: Use gradual self-tanner. Blend a gold highlighter along your cheekbones.
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