Monday, January 14, 2013

Perfect Part

Perfecting your part is key when finding the best hairstyle that fits your face shape.

Unsure of what your face shape may be, just follow this diagram:

Got it? Let's continue...

Doing this will change your look dramatically.

The wrong part can put the spotlight on features you do not necessarily like,
while the right part can frame your assets perfectly.

Which face shape are you?

Oval? Long? Round? Square? Triangle? Heart?

Which ever, we have got a part that perfectly fits each shape!

The side part is ideal for oval and long face shapes.  This creates a smidge wider appearance to your face than it actually is.  Part your hair in line with the arch of the eyebrow on your "best side".  If you do not know what your "best side" is, just pay attention to your nose.  Why?  Most people will have their nose slightly off center; part your hair on the opposite side.

When getting out of the shower, part your hair down the middle if you have a round or square face.  This will make your face appear longer and it helps define your cheekbones and elongate your features.

An off-center part is for those with triangle and heart face shapes.  If you have a prominent forehead or chin, this is also for you.  This part will help balance out your features.

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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