Monday, January 07, 2013

Penny & Bernadette

I chose Kaley Cuoco and Melissa Rauch for today's blog about hair.

Kaley is in The Big Bang Theory where she plays 'Penny'.  During the five seasons of The Big Bang Theory, Penny has many different hairstyles and I am going to take you through each of them.

But first, I am going to tell you a little about her character. When we first meet Penny, she is shown as the stereotypical "dumb blonde", compared to the highly intelligent Leonard and Sheldon.  She is an aspiring actress/screenwriter, but waitresses at The Cheesecake Factory to make ends meet.  She is also often baffled by the guys' behavior and geeky passions, but embraces their eccentricities.  Although she hails from Nebraska, Penny has the beach-babe look down pat.  However, as the show progresses, we see how Penny is in fact smart, witty and confident.

During Season 1, in some of the episodes, Penny has a side fringe and long choppy layers.  While in other episodes, she has a full front fringe and shorter shoulder length hairstyle.

During Seasons 2 and 3, Penny grows out her fringe and her hair is now a medium length with a center parting, but she keeps the choppy layers - she keeps her shortest layer at her jawline.

During Seasons 4 and 5, she grows out her hair, keeping the choppiness - her shortest layers are now below her chin.  She lets her blonde dyed hair grow out slightly, so she has a large section of dark blonde/brown hair at the top and lighter blonde at the ends. This style is often called "Ombre Hair".  If you are interested on reading more about the Ombre hairstyle, please click here.

As Kaley's character has many different hair styles, here are a few others that I loved throughout the seasons. For example, a high ponytail while she worked at The Cheesecake Factory and a messy bun, while she lounged around her apartment.

Another great person from The Big Bang Theory to model your hairstyles after is Melissa Rauch, who is better known as Bernadette.  When we first meet Bernadette, she only appeared in her Cheesecake Factory uniform. She works with Penny at The Cheesecake Factory and she has a doctorate in microbiology.

Meet Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski, who is better known as Howard's better half.  Even though she does not always understand his sense of humor, she frequently refers to him as her soul mate.  She is usually sweet and cheerful, but when she loses her temper and yells, her voice becomes raspy and she sounds likes Howard's mother.

She has an oval face, long blonde hair and usually wears her hair pulled back, wears it down, wavy and always with bangs.  She definitely has that sweetheart look to her style. Melissa chose this graceful half up-do for her honey-blonde hair.  She has big, soft waves that are partly pinned-back. Full bangs and shoulder length hair helps frame and soften her face, giving her youthful, feminine vibe.  This is also another hairstyle that gives off that girl-next-door vibe.

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