Thursday, January 24, 2013

How To Make Your Pictures Perfect

Hi Ladies,

A little skin lesson we have today for you, to help make your pictures perfect!

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Just because skin is oily doesn't mean you should nix moisturizers altogether. Most teens aren't aware that when the skin's dehydrated, it's water - not oil - that's lacking. Oil is a sealant barrier, but not moisture itself. It may sound counter-intuitive for a person with oily skin to be putting on lotion, but it's essential. When you forgo moisturizers completely, skin produces more oil to try to hydrate itself - leaving you with slicker conditions than you started with. If you're worried about shine, opt for oil-free formulas and top them off with a mattifying gel.

Skin Type:

It can be frustrating to find products if you have combination skin when you have parched cheeks and an oily t-zone. Skin has two separate needs. Prioritizing treatment of oily areas, as they tend to be difficult to tackle and require more aggressive treatment. Use an oil-removing cleanser and follow with an alcohol-based toner on the whole face. Finish by applying a water-based moisturizer on dry patches only. A daily chemical exfoliant (such as gels that include fruit acids, versus grainy scrubs) will also help make the skin smoother and reduce clogged pores.

Skin Type:

First and foremost, start with a gentle cleanser, such as the ones from Simple or Dove. Test products in your typical skin-care regimen and use a process of elimination to determine which ones might be irritants. With the fragrances in hair products, there can be breakouts along the hairline. Also, Ladies - sensitive or not - shouldn't use both benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid if they have acne; they're harsh, so use only one. Once your find that product that suits your skin, stick to it.

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