Saturday, January 05, 2013

Fresh Scent

If your makeup bag is damp, smell mess of dirty brushes,
old mascaras and empty lipstick cases?

An ideal resolution is to keep your makeup bag and brushes clean and bacteria free by washing tools at least once a week. Throw out anything you suspect is past its expiration date, and give makeup brushes regular washes using a mild shampoo before drying thoroughly.

New Year resolutions can be notoriously difficult to stick to, but for a resolution it might just be the exception.

For instances, shopping for perfume...try to find a scent that you really love, perfumes are not sold way before the customer smells the fragrance. By the time they get to the counter, customers have seen the television advertisements, looked at the billboards, and identified themselves with the model in the magazine ads.

Instead, when you go shopping for a new fragrance, spray a few on blotter cards, turn them over to conceal the brand, and then smell them away from the perfumery department. Smell them one at a time, comparing each one to the next, eliminating the one you like least to the two you are comparing, then continue the process until you have only one or a maximum of two left, then turn the card to see which one has seduced you. You may find your perfect fragrance is one you would have never usually chosen for yourself.

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