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December Empties

For my December Empties, I thought that I went through  a lot more than what I did.

As this is my first empties blog, what you did not see was that last month I purchased new primer, foundation, mascara, lipstick, etc., so pretty soon I will be getting rid of the ones I had prior to my new purchases.  I am also still working on some candles, I like them to be completely empty before I consider them empties, obviously. Like I have seen on other blogs, they wait until there is either one more dose of shampoo/conditioner or an inch left on the candle to be considered an empty. I, however, like my items to actually be EMPTY.

Each month I am also going to provide a review for 3 random products within the empties pile. You will see bold items within a list, those will be the items that are reviewed. So, with that being said, here are my December Empties:

I tend to use two different brands of shampoo/conditioner a month so my hair does not get too dried out. The Paul Mitchell Smoothing Gel is great for styling.

Hair Products

  • Revlon - ColorSilk Beautiful Color #41 Medium Brown
  • John Frieda - Brilliant Brunette Moisturizing Shampoo
  • John Frieda - Brilliant Brunette Moisturizing Conditioner
  • Joico - K-Pak Reconstruct - Conditioner to Repair Damage
  • Joico - K-Pak Reconstruct - Shampoo to Repair Damage
  • Paul Mitchell Smoothing Straight Works

Paul Mitchell is a great brand!

Well, first off, I have been using Paul Mitchell products for over 5 years on and off. My hair stylist started using it on me and I fell in love with its scent. Who wouldn't? While using Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner, using his styling products really helped my hair.

Right after blow drying my hair (which does not happen often) or letting my hair dry naturally, I apply a quarter size amount of smoothing serum to my hair, wait 5 minutes and straighten my hair. The serum helps protect your hair from the damage the straightening and blow drying can do.

My hair will stay straight for three days without it starting to look oily and it holds the volume I add while styling.

I have dabbled in other products to compare this to over time, such as Moroccan Oil.

I would recommend this to absolutely everyone! Paul Mitchell - great brand - they also provide real products that give real results.

Body Products

  • Barbasol Shaving Cream - Skin Conditioner
  • Lever 2000 - Fresh Aloe Body Wash
  • Suave - Sweet Pea & Violet Body Wash
  • Publix - Twin Blade Plus Disposable Razors
  • Skintimate - Moisturizing Shave Gel - Luscious Kiwi Splash with Vitamin E and Olive Butter
  • Caress - Whipped Souffle - White Peach Cream Body Wash

Barbasol? I know what is going through you mind...why would anyone review a cheap product like Barbasol on a beauty blog? Well, let me explain.

While its main purpose is obviously for shaving, it has another popular mention any type of shaving cream fight to anyone, they will go clean out their local grocery store or drug store for this specific brand...or at least they do in Florida.

Now, let's rephrase cheap. Barbasol is not a cheap product, but an inexpensive one, that sells for approximately 90 cents a can.

As far as shaving goes, it does the same thing as paying for a $3 fruity smelling shaving cream that may come out of the can in hot pink (Satin Care - Florial Passion) or lime green (Skintimate - Luscious Kiwi Splash). Barbasol comes out as white foam, of course.

I also use inexpensive razors, but that is another review in itself.

After your shower, you can apply any fruity body lotion or body butter to your legs, as your legs will hold in more moisture this way and stay smoother longer.

While having used Satin Care, Skintimate, etc., I had to shave again three days later. I hate stubble. But, when using Barbasol and the body butter, I did not have to shave for an entire week!

Oh yeah, as far as budget goes, I saved myself $7 last month by cutting out fruity smells and adding a more moisturizing step.


  • Energizer Batteries - AA
  • Pronamel Toothpaste
  • Publix Toothbrush
Time to toss the toothbrush, as I receive an electrical one for Christmas! I am also still working on my giant tube of toothpaste that should be available to post next month.

  • Glade Air Infusions Spray - Peaches and Petals
I am in love with Peaches & Petals. While the scent can be strong, wait five minutes after spraying a room and it has an amazing subtle scent.

Many do not consider room air freshners to be about beauty and makeup, but I look at it as if a great smell makes you smile the rest of the day...why not?

It does indeed smell like peaches. While I will agree with the packaging, the scent does linger and only lasts up to an, unfortunately, you will be using the product more frequently.

I was not paid for these reviews.

Fashionably Yours,


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