Saturday, December 29, 2012

Writers Feedback

Hi Everyone!

Over the past month, we have asked our previous guest post bloggers and our part-time blogger to give us some feedback (write a post) on how they have or have not enjoyed working with us. We expect full honesty (we have not altered these submissions in any way, everything is 100% truthful).

We came up with this idea a few months ago. We have not seen this on any other blog and we searched many, high and low.

Below, our feedback is listed from the individuals we have worked with this year.


Part-Time Blogging for Beauty O'holic

I love blogging - it's my passion.  So, when Meredith asked me to be a part-time blogger for Beauty O'holic, I said yes right away.  I love every second of it.  These are my likes and dislikes of being part of the Beauty O'holic team:

  • It brings a bit more traffic to my own beauty blog.
  • More writing/blogging experience.
  • I can choose my own topic for my posts.
  • It doesn't take much time.
  • It allows me to blog to a wider audience.
  • My own blog is mostly reviews, so I love getting to do tutorials and how-to's as well.
  • I procrastinate, so I like that Meredith gives me plenty of time before the post needs to go up.
  •  When the posts involve pictures, it can be quite difficult to make sure that the emails go through.
So there you have it.  Blogging for Beauty O'holic is a fun, wonderful experience, and I hope to continue blogging for them in the future.


The Belle Beauty Blog


Guest Post for Beauty O'holic

I enjoy blogging, but I'm not the world's best writer. Blogging allows me to have a voice and a creative outlet, I get to share things I find with others. Maybe the topics are new to you or something you have seen before, but wanted to know more about.

I have been blogging for about a year and a half and it's mostly about beauty. When I saw the opportunity to blog for Beauty O'holic, I jumped on it. It was a departure from my regular reviews and Hope and Meredith were generous in the topics I could write on.

It was a pleasure working with them and I hope to be blogging with them in the future.

Lindsey Jones for The Stylista


Fashionably Yours,


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