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White Tie Event

White Tie or Full Dress, Evening Dress, Full Evening Dress, is the most formal evening dress code in Western fashion.  It is worn to ceremonial occasions, such as state dinners in some countries, as well as very formal balls and evening weddings.

As evening dress, white tie is traditionally considered correct only after 6 p.m. although some etiquette authorities allow for it any time after dark, even if that means prior to 6 p.m. (though there are some exceptions).

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Ultra-Formal: You can step into the glittering special occasion looking dashing and proper in the traditional tailcoat. Wear a white wing collar shirt, a white pique vest, white tie, and black trousers accented by the formal satin stripe. Complete your outfit with patent shoes.

Britain ~ These occasions are usually when white tie would be expected to be worn. Almost always, the dress code would specify 'White Tie' or 'Full Evening Dress', with our without decorations depending on if it is a state event.

United States ~ In the United States, white tie has been replaced by black tie for many formal occasions, such as evening weddings, the Academy Awards and even Presidential Inaugural Balls.

Europe ~ Austria and Continental Europe, there are many balls where white tie is worn. Finland and Sweden, as well as the Netherlands still require white tie, even during the day time.

Japan ~ White Tie or a variant combining the bow tie with a black lounge suit is worn for school graduation ceremonies by the school principal and the teachers of the graduating students; and also for certain government functions.

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Please remember that this is a special event, the best and your makeup must be appropriate as well.

Although female dress is not as formally codified as that of men, women are expected to wear full-length dresses, such as evening gowns.

Dresses with lengths above the ankle, such as cocktail or tea-length dresses are frowned upon and considered inappropriate. Depending on the formality of the event, bare shoulders may or may not be acceptable. Shawls and long gloves are common accessories

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Women's gloves should be white and upper-length/opera-length and are never taken off until seated at a table. Then they are put on again after the meal is finished. At most formal balls, evening gowns are often required to be white.

At hunt balls, evening gowns are often required to be black, white, silver or gold.

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