Sunday, December 30, 2012

VoxBox Review - EBOOST

Before deciding to try this product for Influenster, since I received it in my Holiday VoxBox, I decided to research the product before drinking something I was unsure about. After finding some awesome reviews on this product and particular flavor, pink lemonade, I decided to give it a whorl.

If you had a different experience and would still like to purchase this, click here.

During my research, I found mostly positive reviews, which to my surprise, I am on the other side of the fence on this product. I found that the product did absolutely nothing for me, plus I found the taste to be revolting. It smelled like pink lemonade and dirty water, the taste was similar to Emergen-C (very tart) and it also tasted like you were sucking on a nickel with a splash of carbonation and leaving that metallic after taste in your mouth.

After applying entire EBOOST package to a glass of water.

After mixing powder into water.

As far as recommending this product to my friends, I would leave it up to them after telling them about my bad experience.

While I have had other energy drinks that have tasted horrible, but at least they work. For example, I have had 5 Hour Energy and for those who have tasted it, you know what I am talking about. But, the difference between the two, at least for me, 5 Hour Energy gives me energy without the crash, while EBOOST just tastes like dirty pink lemonade without the energy.

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