Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Red and Green

The Fashion and Beauty Industries are constantly changing which is what makes it so much fun and challenging to follow.

Runway is not only about the clothing pieces - it features, shoes, nails and makeup designs.

Lips: Choose a vamp look for your lips this season; go with bold, bright red, deep burgundy, dark red wine and chocolaty red. Try to achieve a matte finish. The most classical of lip colors is back and with perfect timing - there is nothing hotter than red during the snowy months.

Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada

Cheeks: Rosy pink blushes are in. Choose soft shades and do not apply too much - your cheeks are not supposed to be the center of attention.

Eyes: Smokey eyes are probably never going to leave the winter time scene. They give a beautiful sophisticated look and compliment any outfit. Instead of using grey and black shades, go with blue, red, purple, whatever color you wish to spice up the season with. The preferred color is of course black, but you can always spice it up. It's all about colors this year.

Or, you can really dress it up this year...by adding design. How about a snowflake, holiday ribbon or just flaunting the classic Christmas colors on your eyes.

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Happy Holidays Everyone from the Beauty O'holic Team!

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